Charlie Holliday
Mosaic Acting Studio

Because there’s a lot more to acting than acting . . .
The Mosaic Acting Studio is the teaching arm of Black-Holliday-Snow Productions.  

There are lots of people who teach various acting techniques and most of them have something of value to offer.  However, the best performance in  the world is no good if we can’t shoot it.  Film acting is a very technical medium and to be good at it there’s a lot more to learn than just how to create a character and learn the lines.

At the Mosaic Acting Studio our goal is to teach you skills that will not only improve your acting technique, but also to teach you about the business of acting and prepare you to be comfortable and professional on the set.

In order to help prevent other actors from making the same mistakes I did, I'm always glad to answer any questions that I can. Just e-mail them to me, and I'll do my best to answer them as quickly as possible. Also visit
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Mosaic Acting is pleased to announce it's afilliation with

What is iActing Studios Sacramento?
iActing Studios Sacramento is the first online acting studio that takes the best master acting teachers in Hollywood and makes them available to anyone, anywhere in the world through Virtual online Classes.  You can work face-to-face in real time with teachers who have worked with Oscar, Emmy and Tony Award Winners and nominees, A-List talent, and many of the actors working regularly in film, TV and stage in Los Angeles, New York and around the globe. They collectively have thousands of IMDB credits and an average of 20 years teaching acting.  Our instructors have taught people like Halle Berry, Kevin Spacey. Jim Carrey, Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Alba, Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Pine (Star Trek), Taylor Lautner (Twilight) and thousands of others award winning and working actors.
Our online virtual acting classes are available for kids, teenagers, adults, beginners, intermediate and professional actors of all ages. They cover auditioning, acting techniques, commercials, voice over, beginning acting, marketing, scene study & much more.
 For more information go to  You'll receive TWO FREE HOURS of online classes just for registering!