From Charlie's Desk > Nervousness - Part 5 - Being Prepared

Wrapping up our series on Nervousness - 
When you know what to expect and know  what to do, nervousness is much easier to control, if you are prepared.  How do you prepare?  First of all, get the sides (and if possible read the entire script) a soon as possible.  When you get them, don't just work on memorizing the lines.  First of all, analyze the scene.  Always think in terms of the character and ask yourself - who am I?  What is my occupation?  My relationship status?  My physical status?  My psychological status?  When does the scene take place?  What year, month, day, and time?  What is my environment?  Exactly where am I?  What surrounds me?  Whom am I with and what is my relationship to them?  What do I want from the other person or persons in the scene?  What do I do to get what I want?  And most importantly, how do I feel about what's going on in the scene?  Make some choices, then sit and visualize the scene.  Once you've accomplished all of this, then is the time to begin to familiarize yourself with the lines.  You'll find that once you've done this kind of analysis the lines will be much easier to memorize.  Incidentally, if you don't have the lines completely memorize that's okay.  Of course, the better you know the lines, the more eye contact you'll be able to make with the reader.  Even if you do have the lines memorized always take the script in which you, so you'll have it as a security blanket.  You'll find that when you've done this kind of preparation you'll be much more confident and your audition will go much more smoothly.  Remember, the better prepared you are the less nervous  you'll be.  To recap: know what to expect, know what to do, and be prepared.
Here's to success in your next audition!

Charlie Holliday