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A few years back, while I was living in Hollywood, pursuing my acting career, I was sitting in a deli in Beverly Hills with a very talented actress friend named Vicki and my best friend Dave.  She was at a low point in her career, living in LA, but apart from her family, while she was trying to “make it.”  Unfortunately, her husband wasn’t at all supportive of her career and was pressuring her to “give up all that nonsense and come back to the Bay area where you belong.”  She made the comment that maybe she should just give up on her dream and go home.  “No don’t do that.” Dave said. “You have to hold on to your dream.”   Those words inspired me to write the following, which is dedicated to all of us who are blessed - or cursed - with talent.
Hold On To Your Dream
There's a voice that calls to some of us
From somewhere deep inside
A voice that will not give us peace,
Until at least we've tried
To catch that bright elusive star,
Though foolish it may seem
To those not driven as we are
To hold on to a dream
It's not just thoughts of fame or wealth
That keep us hanging on
When others would have given up,
When all but Hope is gone.
When sometimes even Hope grows dim
And casts its faintest beam,
We wonder if it's worth it all
To hold on to a dream.
And then that voice inside of us 
That others cannot know
Tells us that our chance will come,
That we must not let go.
If we can only persevere
Someday our Star will gleam!
And they'll know why we had to try
To hold on to our dream.
Charlie Holliday