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NOTE: For an exmple of the proper resume form and more info, see the article "Charlie on Resunes."

Whether we like it or not, In order to be competitive with Los Angeles area actors, and to be perceived as equally professional, we need to conform to the “L.A.” way of doing things. If we want to be perceived as equally professional to out of town producers, we need to do things “their way,” and that includes the arrangement of information on our resumes. The resume depicted is the current format approved by the Casting Society of America and the Association of Talent Agents, and is the form generally used by actors in Southern California. It is the standardized form which is familiar to producers, directors and casting directors, and is therefore easily scanned for information. It contains all the information that is needed; nothing needs to be added or deleted. You may make minor variations in order to highlight particular credits. If you've done lots of movies or TV, you might for example add a line that says “Complete list on request”, or if you've done tons of commercials you might say “(dozens of on-camera and radio commercials - list on request)” after “conflicts on request.” Also, if you've done web/internet series you can add the category "Internet" and list them there. However, it is important to stick to the basic order of the form, to use easy-to-read columns, and for film and TV roles to list the size of the role rather than the Character's name. Standardized categories for roles are: ! Featured: Any principal role, one line on up. Appears in the crawl at the end of the picture or TV program. ! CoStar: A substantial role, usually consisting of one or more meaty scenes, and usually accompanied by “CoStar” billing negotiated by your agent. Usually a stand-alone or shared card at the end of the program. ! Guest Star: TV only, always with “Guest Star” billing negotiated by your agent. Usually appears at the beginning of the show. For Feature films, sometimes billed as "Supporting." ! Starring: Often above the title, at the beginning of the picture. ! There are some additional credits which may appear in television: " Recurring Featured " Recurring CoStar " Recurring Guest Star " Guest Lead Here's hoping for bigger and better credits for us all Charlie Holliday - Mosaic Acting Academy/Acting for Camera and Theater Workshops

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