Acting Resources

Here are some resources I recommend:

Media Casting Group

Media Casting Group is the real deal. Through them I have done a Guest Star in a mini-series, a Co-Star in a mini-series, a co-star in a Movie of the Week, a role in a major motion picture (Mad City) a Ford Truck national commercial, and more. If you aren't registered with them you should be! Go to Media Casting Group to register on-line. The fee is $35 for the first year and automatically renews for $25 each year thereafter.  If you are a member of any of the performers unions there is no charge.  Just email for a coupon code.  Check em' out!

Voiceover instruction

Ray Nakamoto is the very best!  He offers classes, one-on-one instruction and will produce you a knockout Voice Demo at a reasonable price.  Check him out at


iActing Studios Sacramento

The very best resource for online courses with the industry's top professionals.  We offer over 50 master acting teachers, averaging 20 years of instruction, with thousands of professional IMDB credits. And now you can work directly with some of the most brilliant acting instructors living today, no matter where you live.  Click on the link above to visit the website for complete details.

Truly excellent work!  She also offers a very good discount to my students.

Bill Mahon - Headshot photographer

Bill has done several headshots for me. Check out his web site,


David Zaugh - Headshot photographer

David is the most amazing photographer I've ever worked with.  My latest shots in LA were done by him.

Sacramento Area Regional Theater Alliance (SARTA)

The League of Sacramento Theatres' official web site, where you can find audition notices, and news about current and opening plays at The Sacramento area's leading theatres. Also news about workshops and classes, job opportunities, and much more. A great web site and a great organization!

Mosaic Acting - Canada

Web site of The Mosaic Acting Academy in Toronto, Canada - Directed by my lovely and talented friend Eva Ivanov. Eva has 27 years of theatre experience in over 40 productions; winner of many awards as Best Director, in Best Production and Best Actor with additional nominations in other creative elements of productions.

Mosaic Acting

The Mosaic Acting System is the next step in the evolution of acting and directing. I've been acting for forty years, and I've never seen any that works as quickly and simply, or is more just plain fun! Check out Jeremy Whelan's web site for tons of information, then come back here for class schedules or to purchase the book.

Now Casting

An excellent resource for actors, both in L.A and in Northern California. Built by an actor (and former student of mine!) for actors, Now Casting is full of good information, terrific articles, casting notices, and resources for actors. Some of the features of the FREE membership are: * Allow your agent the ability to submit you directly to casting directors * Upload up to 6 photos * Display a complete resume * Be found when someone wants to find you through the most extensive searchable database and their unique Actor Locator search * E-mail your page directly to anyone with just a click of a button. Check 'em out!

Photo Duplication in LA - Final Print

I used about every photo duplicator in LA while I was there - Final Print is great. With three locations, they do hundreds of thousands of pictures every year, at great prices. Joycelyne runs the joint and gives a discount to my students.


Excellent work with good prices and quick turnaround.  You can get 50 8X10 headshots for about $60.  Lots of duplicators don't do small batches, but this one will.

The Best source for Actor's Demo Reels - Lakeltico Media

Tony SingingEagle can put together your existing performance clips into a professional looking demo reel for you.  Don't have any clips?  He can produce them for you.  
Click on the link, 0r call Tony at 916-879-1215.

Children's classes - Allen Schmeltz

I seldom teach children's classes, but my dear friend Allen does.  Visit his website for details.  He's the best! 

 Like any business, as a performer you must track where you have been, where you are going, the contacts you make, the money coming in, the money going out, etc., then analyze statistical data so you know what is or isn't working for you in your business and finally strategize accordingly to maximize your success.  PerformerTrack is the proven organizational tool utilized by working performers worldwide to log, track and manage their important career details like Submissions, Auditions, Callbacks, Bookings, Direct Bookings, Income, Expenses, Coogan/Child Trust Accounts, PerformerTrust Accounts, Contacts, Classes, Workshops, and much, much more..  Check them out, then be sure to include enter “Coupon Code FRCH9 and receive 2 months free off your first year of PerformerTrack!”

Custom-embroidered logo shirts and apparel by Queensboro

This is where I get my Mosaic Acting Shirts, etc. Go to the website and make your selections, then send me the item numbers, size, and color you want and I'll order them for you once I receive your payment. I'll pay the shipping for you.  You can also create your own shirts etc for your production.

Tami Kacevas Design  Tami offers Graphic and Web Design as well as well as setup of mobile apps.  She is extremely knowledgable and also fun to work with.