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There's a big difference between the Academic world and the Professional world of acting . . . Not that one is better than the other; they simply have different objectives. 

Classes at the Mosaic Acting Academy come from what I've learned from more than forty years as a professional actor in Movies, Television, Theatre, and Commercials, as well as from the several years I spent teaching Acting and Directing at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Most classes are limited to twelve students, high school age and above.  The classes are very "hands on," and every student works in every class.  You learn to act by acting, not reading about it!  It's also a lot more fun!  Here's what we offer . .

Ongoing Classes:

Improv Class - every Tuesday, 7:30 - 10:00 pm.  Improvisation is a skill every actor needs to have. Join us for a fun time! You do not need any experience. $10 per class or $25/month if paid by PayPal. Contact Charlie to enroll.

Advanced Scene Study - This class is open only to those who have taken the Mosaic Acting and/or the Uta Hagen classes, or by special permission from Charlie..

Other Classes and Events:

The Mosaic Acting System - Developed by my dear friend the late Jeremy Whelan, this is my "Master Class,"  and some of it's techniques are incorporated into all my other classes.  The Mosaic Acting System is usually presented as a weekend intensive, although I occasionally do it as an eight week class with a showcase at the end.  It's also the most fun an actor can have!

Acting for Camera Technique - What works on stage doesn't necessarily work in front of the camera.  In this class we focus on the differences between acting for the stage and acting for the camera - finding the light, hitting the mark, working the close-up and more.  The students say,"It's just like being on the set." 

Alpha Cold-reading Technique - Again, auditioning for a movie or TV show is very different than auditioning for stage.  For example, I've had dozens and dozens of movie and TV auditions, and I've never once been asked to do a monologue.  It just isn't the way it's done.  The key to working in movies and TV is to become a good cold reader.  I'll teach you how.

 Auditioning for Commercials Technique - Commercials aren't always artistically satisfying, but where else can you work for one day and make $20,000, unless you are a star?  Landing a national commercial can do that for you, but again, it's all in the audition process, and that's what we cover in this class.

A Challenge for the Actor - This ten week class is based on the Ten Objective Exercises from Uta Hagen's wonderful books "Respect For Acting" and "A Challenge For The Actor."  It is usually held only once per year.

Advanced Character Technique • (Currently on hiatus) Charlie Holliday conducts this challenging class, held one  evening per week from 7:00 to 10 PM.  We work mostly on two-person scenes using the techniques of the Mosaic Acting System and the teachings of Uta Hagen. We prefer that you have taken one or both of these classes prior to enrollment. • The class will works in four week cycles, and will be scheduled whenever there are a minimum of 8 students ready to enroll. 

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The Mosaic Acting Studio
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Two Person On-Camera Scene Study Class

I don't do a lot of one-on-one coaching, unless it's to prepare someone for a specific audition. Acting just isn't a solo activity - you need someone to play off of and react to. So with that in mind, I'm presenting a new series of classes, which I'm calling "Duets." 

Here's how it will work;

1. You and a partner will be working on two person scenes.

2. You and your partner can select the scene or I will help select one for you.

3. Will work on your scene each class until we feel that it's ready, then we'll
 shoot it.

4. What we shoot isn't intended for your demo reel, but I'll send you a copy if you want it.

5. We start the whole process again with a new script and a new partner if you desire.

6. We'll work on four Duets each 5 week cycle 

7. Students may start at the beginning of any cycle as long as there is an opening in the class.

8. Tuition for the class will be $150 per 5 week cycle.

To enroll with your PayPal or credit card click below,
or you may call Charlie at 916-588-2699.